CB4 Review by osama riaz

Whenever i thought of premium e juices, the standard was on top of my list. It was a dream come true when i saw Cloud9 coming up with the Standard line. Ali is witness that I was first in line to get the juice.
I picked their hot seller Cell Block 4. Now I have used every other juice that is available in Pakistan and even some US juices. White Mist, MBV, Vapejoose, Space Jam and many others. None of these juice are anything compared to CB4.
Seriously guys I have never tasted something this juice. Think of having a Creme Brulee. But this time try it with a little bit of a citrus kick. On the inhale you get a soothing and sweet taste of Creme Brulee and then on the exhale you get a slight, a very slight taste of orange. This combination is so perfectly matched that you have to try the juice to fully experience it to see how good it is. Definitely the best juice ever.

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