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Long Term E-Cigarette Study Has Some Surprising Results

 BY : NEELAM TAILOR With all the evidence stacked against combustible cigarettes, the search for a ‘healthy’ replacement for addicts continues. E-cigarettes have boomed in popularity over the last few years meaning that shops and restaurants have had to add ‘or vaping’ to their no smoking signs. The new trend has prompted various scientific researchers […]

ecig in Pakistan, Featured, News/Press, Vaping In Pakistan

White House scrapped FDA plan to restrict flavored e-cigarettes

WASHINGTON | By Toni Clarke A man uses an E-cigarette, an electronic substitute in the form of a rod, slightly longer than a normal cigarette, in this illustration picture taken in Paris, March 5, 2013. Reuters/Christian Hartmann   A White House office deleted language in a recently introduced tobacco regulation that would have removed flavored […]

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Is Vaping Really Cheaper Than Smoking?

Five years ago, the term ‘vaping’ was still quite unpopular. Disposable cig-a-likes were the real thing back then, and when eGo kits started appearing in the market, people happily refilled their tiny CE4 or CE5 clearomizers with just a few drops of e-liquid. For most users, that amount lasted for a whole day. However, things have changed a lot now, and, thanks […]

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Beginners Guide And Useful Tips For Vaping

by Schwartz · October 24, 2015 There is no doubt: vaping is a much better and less harmful alternative to smoking. By switching from smoking to vaping, you can free yourself from thousands of dangerous chemicals, stop worrying about smoking related health conditions, and bring a multitude of extremely delicious e-liquid flavors in your daily life. However, due to […]

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Ex “Winston Man” exposes corrupt science behind WHO’s ban on e-cigarettes…

  Ex “Winston Man” David Goerlitz, for 25 years the icon of public campaign against smoking honoured by WHO’s Medal of Honour sent back his medal to General Director of WHO, Margaret Chan.  – WHO call to ban e-cigarettes is based on corrupt science, misinformation, and lies! Why WHO has never called for a ban on tobacco?!  – ex […]

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FDA Vaping Regulation Are About Revenue, not health !!!

The state Legislature will introduce several bills for debate in a special session Wednesday which, again, will seek to wrongly equate vapor products – including electronic cigarettes – with tobacco, ban vaping in vape shops and allow local jurisdictions to tax tobacco. A bill seeking to equate tobacco products and vapor products was defeated in […]

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New study shows there is no 2nd-hand vaping, e-cigarette aerosol contains less volatile carbons than normal exhaled breath

A new study was published today in Journal of Chromatography A. The study was performed by the Spanish Council of Scientific Research. They measured the levels of several volatile organic carbons (VOC, they measured 156 compounds) in indoor air, normal exhaled breath, smoke of tobacco cigarettes, exhaled breath of smokers after taking cigarette puffs, e-cigarette […]

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What is Vaper’s Tongue, Why It Happens & How to fix it

One gripe the electronic cigarette community has always had is “vaper’s tongue”. If you’re new to electronic cigarettes and don’t know what vaper’s tongue is, not to worry – you’ll find out soon enough. It happens just like that; you realize there is something wrong when that velvety vanilla bourbon flavor you’ve been enjoying for […]